Papoose – “A Fair One” (Fat Joe Diss)

If yall haven’t been paying attention between the Fat Joe and Pap beef, it all started [from what I heard] when Pap was sitting by 50 on a radio show as 50 diss Fat Joe live. According, to Fat Joe, he was mad because Pap didn’t say anything about it.

Then Fat Joe started more of his “bitchassness”, as P. Diddy would put it, when he went to a hotel where Pap was staying and had a confrontation with him. I’m not sure how accurate any of the sources I read so far, but from what I read, Pap punched Fat Joe twice in the jaw.

I’m not sure how in the hell Pap manage to do that since Fat Joe was rolling with 5 people deep. But, I haven’t read anywhere that it said he was hurt or even scratched!?

As a result, Pap drops a pretty solid diss. Not the best, but it’s pretty strong nonetheless. Shit… it ain’t as entertaining as “Elephant In The Sand” mixtape.

“A Fair One” (Fat Joe Diss)


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